Designs from Maiden Noir, Trina Turk, Chrissy Wai-Ching and Naeem Khan (left to right). (Courtesy of Wing Luke)

From workroom to runway, Wing Luke honors Asian influences on fashion

Remember a couple years ago when GQ named Seattle one of the worst-dressed cities in the United States? Well clearly, they weren’t looking in the right places. The Wing Luke Museum, in the International District, highlights the stories of local Asian Pacific American communities through imaginative exhibits and tours. It’s an unlikely place to find […]
Jan 14, 2013
Pago Pago, on the island of Tutuila, is the capital of American Samoa. The South-Pacific islands have a similar climate to Hawaii. (Photo from NOAA via Flickr)

Samoans in Seattle sue feds for citizenship

Imagine being born in a country where you can work, travel freely and even join the military, but you’re not considered a citizen. That’s the situation facing 56,000 residents of American Samoa, the only one of 14 US territories that does not allow an easy path to citizenship for people who move to the mainland […]
Jul 23, 2012