Roxana Norouzi

Roxana Norouzi
Roxana Norouzi has worked with immigrant and refugee populations in the Seattle area for the past 10 years. Currently, she provides strategic guidance around education policy and implementation for OneAmerica, Washington State’s largest immigrant right’s organization. She's also president of The Seattle Globalist Board of Directors. In 2010, Roxana was awarded the University of Washington’s Bonderman Fellowship which allowed her to travel to the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, East Africa, West Africa and South America. Roxana's views are her own and don't necessarily represent OneAmerica or the Seattle Globalist.


A bilingual classroom at Scenic Hill Elementary, in the Kent School District. (Photo courtesy OneAmerica)

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A new pilot program in South King County will fast track bilingual educators from diverse backgrounds to the front of classrooms filled with immigrants and youth of color.

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This legislative session made Roxana Norouzi realize how although politics can seem very inaccessible, we have the power to make change.

(Photo courtesy One America)

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King County school districts are stepping up and recognizing that immigrant students' native language skills are a benefit, not a burden. Growing up as a...

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Join the Seattle Globalist tonight at Black Coffee Co-Op for a slideshow and stories of travel in Southeast Asia. Details here. In the third grade...

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