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Bread prepared for a workshop at The Grain Gathering. (Photo by Anna Goren)

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Bread lovers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your grains.

Lee Robinson shows off freshly roasted beans from the Ometepe Island in Nicaragua. (Photo by Hannah Myrick)

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What started as a Reagan-era political protest has grown into a thirty year relationship driven by the Northwest's love of coffee.

by Jill Mangaliman and Katrina Pestaño

Northwest activists are attempting to block an Israeli shipping company from unloading at Puget Sound ports in order to put a dent in the dollars funding Israel's military actions in Gaza.

Sandy Malegon is crowned Queen of the 2014 Afro-Mexican Carnival. (Photo by Reagan Jackson)

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What’s worse, to lose your life because you're seen as a threat, or to lose your identity to no longer be threatening?

Climbers in the midst of a small avalanche during an Everest ascent. (Photo by Lloyd Smith)

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Members of the Northwest Sherpa community are collecting money to aid the families of Sherpas killed in April’s big avalanche on Mount Everest, and some are rethinking their careers as mountain guides.

Demonstrators at Westlake Park last weekend protest a rash of police killing civilians. (Photo by Sara McCaslin)

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The standoff in Ferguson has Seattleites wondering what kind of paramilitary equipment our local police are packing.