“The Miner” is part one of Grey Filastine and Indonesian rapper Nova’s new visual album.

The World Trade Organization was coming to town and protestors needed a soundtrack.

That was the epiphany of activist musician Grey Filastine. Ahead of the Battle of Seattle, he started the Infernal Noise Brigade, a marching band that practiced clandestinely on a SODO loading dock before hitting the streets on those fateful days of November 1999.

The rest, as they say, is history – protestors shut down the summit, corporate storefronts were smashed, and environmentalists and the labor movement united in a rare moment of solidarity.

That galvanizing moment for the anti-globalization movement also helped launched Filastine’s career welding radical politics and experimental music into a potent Molotov cocktail of sound and visuals.

Ready to sharpen your pitching and storytelling skills? The Seattle Globalist, Crosscut, South Seattle Emerald, International Examiner, Seattle Weekly, Seattle Channel, KCTS9, Brown Paper Tickets (Low-Power FM) and the Henry M. Jackson Foundation bring you a day of workshops aimed at just that for “Press for the People: A Grassroots Media Workshop.”

On Saturday, June 4, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center in West Seattle, we will stop the presses to equip people with the tools to be strong grassroots journalists. 

Didn’t we just ring in the the new year? January flew right by, but no worries: February brings Lunar New Year and another chance to celebrate!

It’s also Black History Month, with tons of special events including art and great films. Speaking of film, check out the Seattle Asian American Film Festival, and a whole smorgasbord of other global adventures to choose from, right in your own rainy backyard.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. (Photo from Flickr by Ted Eytan)
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. (Photo from Flickr by Ted Eytan)

The Holocaust may seem far away — in time and distance — from contemporary Seattle.

But memories from this darkest chapter in modern history will be brought to life Wednesday night at Benaroya Hall, home of the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, through the concert Art from Ashes.

The concert will feature eight performances, all but one of works by composers who were killed by the Nazis. It was curated by Music of Remembrance, a Seattle-based arts non-profit dedicated to commemorating the Holocaust through music.

Dreaming of a career in photojournalism or just want to take your cell phone photos and video to the next level?

On Thursday, Jan. 14 at Cafe Ibex, award-winning multimedia journalist Alex Stonehill will be leading our Seattle Globalist’s first media workshop of 2016, which takes participants through the basics of composition, getting comfortable shooting photo and video in public, and learning how to maximize the hidden functions of your phone camera. Participants will have an opportunity to take a photo and video series during the workshop and also pitch visual story ideas to Globalist editors.

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October has events covering places far afield, from Antarctica to North Korea.

This month is rife with great global Film Fests: two made the list, but let’s not forget the Social Justice Film Festival! The SJFF has a great Food Justice in Focus this year.

Climate Change is getting some serious attention, and you can take that momentum to the streets at the People’s Climate March. It’s October, but luckily Seattle protesting weather should be pretty mild, thanks to… climate change, right? (Sighhh…)

Well, I know just what will cheer you up: some amazing Music, Comics and Film. Every month seems to include some Bollywood these days, but a Bollywood Halloween Party? That I’ve gotta see!

Food justice in focus at the Seattle Social Justice Film Festival Oct 16-17

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The Food Justice in Focus film festival is October 16-17.
The Food Justice in Focus film festival is October 16-17.

Two major things have happened in my life in the past 18 months. First, I started working at Columbia Legal Services. Second, I started (and stopped and started and stopped again) eating a high raw, vegan diet. Between these two very significant events in my life, I have come to understand food and justice – and how they overlap – in the most profound ways.

You have great ideas, but how do you get them in The Seattle Globalist?

Join us for our next workshop, Pitching the Story” on Thursday, Sept. 17 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. It will convert your ideas into winning pitches to editors. The workshop launches our fall media workshop series designed to sharpen your media skills and turn your journalistic instincts into published stories with The Globalist.

Go from mastering the pitch next Thursday to developing in-depth reporting skills with “Getting the Scoop: Intro to Investigative Journalism” on Oct. 15 and learning how to channel your unique perspective and experiences into story content with “Writing with Voice” on Nov. 19. Sign up for all three fall media workshops to get 25 percent off:

The “Pitching the Story” workshop and fall back-to-school series is part of a yearlong community workshop series, “Your City. Your Story. Your Voice” dedicated to harnessing the voices of Seattle’s diverse communities through new media skills and publishing opportunities with The Globalist.

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Seattle in September means we’re back to rain, but don’t start hibernating yet! There are plenty of great options for fun both outside and in. If it rains, take the opportunity to watch some great films directed by women. And it looks like we’re all in luck and the sun will make its way back just in time for Art Walk, Night Market, and a whole slew of festivals

Personally, I’ve got my eye out for great events to bring a baby to (I should have a new little person to entertain any day now!), and music‘s a perfect choice. Here are all of my top picks for the best things to do in Seattle this month:

1. Celebrate Women in Film!


September is a worldwide celebration of film directed by women. Locally, you can see some great films and directors that aren’t to be missed, such as It’s Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, All Eyes and Ears, and The Babushkas of Chernobyl.

2. Ethiopian New Year

Enkutatash! Happy Ethiopian New Year, which is on Sept 11 (the first of Meskerem). Here’s a great way to celebrate:

You can also celebrate Ethiopian New Year on Saturday, Sept 12 with entertainment from Abby Lakew and Tsehaye Yohannes.

3. The Night Market and Autumn Moon Festival facebook_event_948363045194306

The Autumn Moon Festival is an outdoor international market with local wares, dance and offering up a wealth of food from both restaurants in the International District and 30 participating food trucks. The Night Market goes until midnight!

4. Fiestas Patrias and more!

September has some great options: Fiestas Patrias, Live Aloha and Festa Italiana. Fiestas Patrias is a celebration of Latino heritage at Seattle Center and in the (historically Latino) South Park neighborhood. Live Aloha is a family-friendly Hawaiian party. Festa Italiana has music food, and even a grape stomp! You don’t even have to choose between celebrating Latino, Hawaiian or Italian. You can hit all of them!

5. Tembembe Ensamble Continuo

Music!: There’s a lot of great music from around the world in Seattle this month. Make sure to get your kids into it by taking them to see Tembembe Ensamble Continuo. Kids should get started with good music early, and the Early Music Guild is a great way to do it! Where else do you get to see a band from Cuernavaca give you their take on Baroque music?

Extra, Extra! Don’t forget the Globie Awards!
How about an event celebrating the best in local international work? Don’t pass up the Globies!
You’ll find even more things to do this month on the Seattle Globalist events calendar! Have an event to share? Are we missing something dazzling near you? It’s easy to submit your own Globalist event online. We’ll see you around town, as we share the best of the world, right here at home!

We’re getting into August, and there’s a load of culture to be had all over town. Arab and Caribbean Festivals, Capoeira and swing dancing, even a chance to meet the Ambassador of Singapore! Having just moved to the north end of Seattle, I’ve been surprised to see that the Central District isn’t the only diverse neighborhood around. On that note, this month’s calendar encompasses events from Port Townsend to Richmond Beach to Puyallup… Let’s delve right in: