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Sara McCaslin’s last day with The Seattle Globalist will be Friday August 22nd. (Photo by Alex Stonehill)

Next month, Seattle Globalist editor and youth program coordinator Sara McCaslin will start a new position as communication lead working on print and digital strategy with SEIU Healthcare NW Training Partnership and Health Benefits Trust.

Sara has been with The Seattle Globalist since 2011, when she joined the team as a part-time contractor supporting Globalist youth programming. She became the organization’s first full-time employee in September 2012, when she took on editorial, youth programming, and communications roles.

McCaslin has been a huge part of the Globalist’s early years. In today’s farewell post we’re celebrating some of her biggest contributions. We can’t fit ‘em all in one post — but here are a few of our favorite things about Sara McCaslin:

A ferry docks into downtown Seattle. (Photo by <a href="" target="_blank">Paul Schultz via Flickr</a>)

A ferry docks into downtown Seattle. (Photo by Paul Schultz via Flickr)

For many of us Washingtonians, ferries conjure up sentimental thoughts of trips to the San Juan Islands or images of ferries humming along Puget Sound with the Seattle skyline or Olympic Mountains behind them.

But the recent ferry accident in South Korea killing almost 300 passengers and another capsizing in Bangladesh remind us that as safe as we may feel on a ferry deck looking at the water go by, there is potential for disaster just like any other means of transportation.