Contingent from Tacoma SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) at anti-war rally, Judkins Park, Seattle, Washington, 27 October 2007. (Photo by Joe Mabel via Wikipedia)

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How a Joint Base Lewis-McChord Force Protection Officer infiltrated a peaceful political group… and got away with it.

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Preparations are underway for local organizations to provide support for the 600 minors who may arrive in Washington in coming weeks.

API Flying Bookshelf organizers gather a crowd of about a couple dozen at their July 17 launch party at Eastern Cafe. From left to right, co-curators Minh Nguyen and Chris Woon, and co-founders Sabrina Chen and Derek Dizon. (Photo by Tuyen Than)

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"...a space for us to shape our own identity in our own words, histories and expressions, rather than being told what “Asian” means by an outside, predominately white perspective."

(Photo by Deric Gruen)

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Other cities are experimenting with local currencies. Would it work in Seattle?

Protestors from "Not One More" link arms to block vans from leaving the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma. (Photo by Jill Mangaliman)

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50 protesters locked down in front of the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma yesterday in what they promised would be the first of many direct actions to block deportations.