Zahra Abidi is program director at an Islamic center and mosque that received an emailed bomb threat in 2012. (Greg Gilbert / The Seattle Times)

Hate crimes on the rise in Washington

A rash of hate crimes around the Northwest have left lasting scars on international communities.
Feb 27, 2015
Jozlyn Pelk in Guatemala (Photo by Gloria Mayne / The Seattle International Foundation)

Seattle Ambassador returns home with a new view on her city

For Jozlyn Pelk, the first Seattle Ambassador Program honoree, it took leaving the country for the first time to discover the vast opportunities to make a global impact right here at home.
Nov 5, 2013
Syrian-American sisters Joudi and Jenna Alshammaa hold a Syrian flag outside the Bothell Warehouse where their community is collecting supplies to send to refugees from the conflict. (Photo by Sarah Stuteville)

As their homeland falls apart, local Syrians step in to help

The first thing I see when I walk up to the warehouse in a Bothell suburb, is a green, white and black striped Syrian flag with the word “Freedom” written across the bottom. “Would you like a tea?” Ayman Hakim asks as I negotiate a large box of children’s shoes sitting on the cement floor, […]
Dec 7, 2012