Capitol Hill

Chanting "hands up, don't shoot," protesters briefly blocked the entrance to the Comet Tavern on Black Friday, saying that the business owners discriminated against East African youth. (Photo by Alan Berner / The Seattle Times)

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What to make of accusations of racial profiling and police harassment in a neighborhood known for tolerance?

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An open letter from representatives of the Somali and East African communities about crime and discrimination on Capitol Hill.

A Salsa night at Waid's back in 2008. (Photo via

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What’s really going down at the beloved immigrant nightspot the SPD wants to shut down?

Zines picked up at the Race Riot! Tour stop on Capitol Hill last week. (Photo by Alex Stonehill)

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In Seattle and around the globe, people of color are carving out their own spaces in a traditionally white-dominated zine culture. Last Friday the POC...

Manila clams prepare to become curry. (Photo courtesy Kedai Makan)

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Seattle tends to have its bases covered when it comes to Asian food. But the owners of Kedai Makan are working hard to introduce...