Capitol Hill

Zines picked up at the Race Riot! Tour stop on Capitol Hill last week. (Photo by Alex Stonehill)

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In Seattle and around the globe, people of color are carving out their own spaces in a traditionally white-dominated zine culture. Last Friday the POC...

Manila clams prepare to become curry. (Photo courtesy Kedai Makan)

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Seattle tends to have its bases covered when it comes to Asian food. But the owners of Kedai Makan are working hard to introduce...

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Today is the world's sweetest holiday, the Chandeleur. Celebrate as the French do by cooking up a mountain of fluffy (yet paper-thin!) crêpes. In France, most holidays...

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Manou'she jibneh wi zaatar aka pita with cheese, spices and mint. (Photo courtesy Mamnoon) Step off Melrose Street and into Mamnoon, and you could...

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Fliers for Kshama Sawant, a socialist candidate running for state legislature, are plastered around Capitol Hill (Photo courtesy Update: Sawant lost the below-mentioned...