About 300 people gathered for the 2016 Lummi Nation House of Tears Totem Pole Journey celebration on August 25, 2016 at Seattleís Saint Markís Episcopal Cathedral. The Lummi Nation uses their annual totem pole journey to raise awareness of the fossil fuel industryís negative environmental effects.

Lummi Totem Pole Journey honors earth, celebrates Cherry Point victory

About 300 people gathered to offer blessings and to call for environmental advocacy at the Seattle stop for the Lummi Nation Totem Pole Journey.
Aug 26, 2016
Idle No More march

Video: #IdleNoMore protests coal trains

In Canada, the birthplace of the “Idle No More” movement, six members of the Cree tribe are nearing the end of a 1000 mile trek to the nation’s capital to protest the enduring poverty of indigenous Canadians. For marchers closer to home, the protest route on Thursday was barely four miles long. But the cause […]
Mar 22, 2013
A train carrying coal hugs the Puget Sound on it's way to the Westshore coal terminal in BC. With a proposed new coal terminal in Bellingham, train shipments through Washington State are set to increase dramatically. (Photo by Paul K. Anderson)

Is the Northwest a Coal Scrooge?

When you go to sleep tonight, Seattle will be visited by three ghosts: the ghost of energy’s past, the ghost of energy’s present and the ghost of energy yet to come. The question is, will we wake up and shape our own destiny? Imagine a mountain of billowing, black coal taller than the Columbia tower […]
Dec 10, 2012