Maurice Muyayalo Kisolu, who leads Protection de l’Enfant et des Violence Sexuelles, a civilian police unit that fights sexual violence, stands in front of his office. (Photo by Merveille Kavira Lungehe, GPJ DRC)

Civilian police group tries to curb sexual violence in Democratic Republic of Congo

Nearly 40 percent of women in Eastern DRC reported being exposed to sexual violence. Most of them said rape was the most common form of the violence.
Aug 16, 2016
Tin ore, along with tantalum and tungsten make up the "3T minerals" found in DR Congo, which are valuable for use in cell phones and computers. (Photo by of Image Journeys Sasha Lezhnev via Flickr)

Rep. Smith goes to Congo (and returns with trade on his mind)

Seattle Congressman Adam Smith visited Democratic Republic of Congo, and came back convinced business ties were the best way to end the decades long cycle of war.
Feb 26, 2014
Sabrina Urquhart, Manager at Students Rebuild, smiles widely at the One in a Million reception on April 4. (Photo by Christian Zerbel)

Molding a million bones for victims of genocide

Seattle lends a hand in a macabre participatory art project to raise awareness of humanitarian crises in Congo and Somalia.
Apr 6, 2013
Dr. Sakena Yacoobi, founder of the Afghan Institute of Learning, addresses a Global Washington conference last week. GlobalWA hopes to bring NGOs out of their "silos" and collaborate with our organizations. (Photo courtesy of GlobalWA)

Seattle NGOs asked to do something incredible: work together

I’m an amateur choir geek and a professional international development wonk. Those things might seem unrelated, but they do have one thing common: when talented and creative people come together, beautiful harmonies are made. In a choir, it’s obvious how making great music works. But in the struggle to reduce poverty around the world, it’s […]
Dec 13, 2012

African diaspora on display at Langston Hughes African American Film Festival this week

Featured Event: This year’s Langston Hughes African American Film Festival features films spanning the globe, with narrative and documentary films from Africa to South America and others that address the U.S. immigrant experience. Highlights include tonight’s film Dimanche a Brazzaville, a documentary with “insight into the lives and style of sapeurs, magic-wielding wrestlers, political hip […]
Apr 16, 2012