Seattle Sri Lankans to hold prayer service for churches bombed on Easter

Locally, Tukwila’s Sarana International Buddhist Center, where many local Sri Lankans worship, will hold a prayer event for the victims on Friday.
Apr 23, 2019

For the bucket list: Guatemala’s Peeps-free Easter fest you can’t miss

A day after Holy Week, Semana Santa, here in Antigua, Guatemala and there’s not a Easter egg shell or Peeps wrapper in sight. 
Apr 1, 2013
Eastern Orthodox church Issaquah

Serbian Orthodox Church celebrates Easter, sans bunnies.

In the early 90’s, ethnic conflict tore Yugoslovia apart along religious lines, driving thousands refugees in search of peace elsewhere. One of the largest groups to arrive in the the Seattle area were Orthodox Christians, most of them Serbian. When they got here, many of them found a home at St. Sava’s Serbian Orthodox church in […]
Apr 21, 2012