View of the farm rented by Monsanto to the public Land Authority in Juana Díaz. (Photo by Abimael Medina for Centro de Periodismo Investigativo.)

Mired in debt, Puerto Rico gave millions to Monsanto

Throughout the decade of fiscal crisis, the Island has been a corporate welfare paradise for companies that even get free water.
Jul 20, 2016
Geoducks can be seen sticking their long siphons out of the sand at extremely low tides. (Image from Wikimedia Commons)

New geoduck harvesting practices dig up controversy

People have raised worries over a new Washington practice for harvesting the geoduck. But is the concern warranted?
Jun 16, 2015
Daniel Winkler in the field with some prize mushrooms. (Photo courtesy Daniel Winkler)

Meet the fantastic fungus that fuels Tibet’s economy

Local mushroom hunter Daniel Winkler puts the fun in fungi.
Feb 3, 2014
Beatrice, one of the mothers working with Haiti Babi, crochets a blanket. (Photo courtesy Katlin Jackson)

Queen Anne woman finds meaning helping Haitian mothers

The philanthropic spirit is strong in Seattle. So what makes a young social entrepreneur from our region tick?
Apr 11, 2013

Small-business suicides expose China’s hidden economic crisis

“Many things that shouldn’t have happened, happened because of money," Mr. Wang Youliang tells the camera in front him. “The situation in (Wenzhou) is a secret everybody knows but you can’t talk about it in public.” He is a young entrepreneur and shoe manufacturer working in Wenzhou, China. Among his friends, five factory owners escaped and one killed himself.
Jan 29, 2013
Spanish students demonstrating in central Madrid against cuts in education due to government austerity measures. (Photo from REUTERS/Sergio Perez)

From Seattle to Spain, youth united by a stagnant economy

The photo made me stop short, my coffee cup hovering a few inches above the newspaper. A young man in jeans and a Barcelona soccer jersey bent over a Dumpster rummaging for food. Spain is suffering 50 percent unemployment among young people, the article explained, and hunger is on the rise. The last time I […]
Nov 2, 2012