An oil train passing through Portland. (Photo from Flickr by Sam Beebe)

Jobs from oil train terminals? Three Northwest car guys know better

Big oil has set its sights on Vancouver, WA as the terminus of a rail route to transport millions of gallons of crude for export. Three car dealers say "no way!"
Apr 7, 2016
The Washington Fair Trade Coalition and other labor groups demonstrated outside a visit by Secretary of State John Kerry at the Boeing plant in Renton. (Photo by Venice Buhain.)

Trans-Pacific Partnership deal reached; now needs Congressional approval

A deal was reached on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade treaty that critics have feared would erode local regulations.
Oct 6, 2015
CMA CGM Tosca at T18 at the Port of Seattle, Photo by Don Wilson for the Port of Seattle.

Ports shut down to ships over the weekend as labor talks continue

Ports of Seattle and Tacoma among the west coast ports shut down to cargo vessels over the weekend, as contract negotiations continue between PMA and ILWU.
Feb 6, 2015
Hanjin Boston working at Port of Seattle's T-46, 31 July 2005. Port of Seattle image by Don Wilson.

International sales of Washington apples spoiled in ports dispute

Washington's apple growers, others who rely on ports of Seattle and Tacoma say Pacific Maritime Association's and ILWU's contract dispute has hurt business.
Jan 15, 2015
A train carrying coal hugs the Puget Sound on it's way to the Westshore coal terminal in BC. With a proposed new coal terminal in Bellingham, train shipments through Washington State are set to increase dramatically. (Photo by Paul K. Anderson)

Is the Northwest a Coal Scrooge?

When you go to sleep tonight, Seattle will be visited by three ghosts: the ghost of energy’s past, the ghost of energy’s present and the ghost of energy yet to come. The question is, will we wake up and shape our own destiny? Imagine a mountain of billowing, black coal taller than the Columbia tower […]
Dec 10, 2012