Tuna loins are offloaded at Waepure, one of the Indonesian fishing villages involved in the new Fair Trade tuna program. (Photo by Paul Hilton / Fair Trade USA)

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Haunted by horror stories from fisheries in the Global South? A new fair trade seafood labeling system is on the way.

A salmon carcass on the banks of the Fraser River in British Columbia. Salmon spawn in Canadian rivers, but pass through American waters and are caught by Washington fishermen. (Photo by Todd Gordon Brown)

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Unseasonably warm water and a toxic mining spill in BC have meant a tough season for Puget Sound salmon fishermen.

Shrimp for sale at a fish market in Thailand, the largest exporter of shrimp in the world. (Photo by EJF)

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It’s local seafood season — all the more reason to examine your consumption of foreign seafood imports.

(Photo by Noah Friedman-Rudovsky) Marcelino Coila Choque is from a family of fishermen in Peru. From his small village along Lake Titicaca, he has...