Dia de los muertos in Oaxaca stays true to its roots, and people from all over Mexico come to celebrate the sprits of those who have died. (Photo by Alysa Hullett.)

Día de los Muertos in Oaxaca stays true to its roots

While some cities in Mexico have started to adopt features of Halloween, you'll won't find any Disney princesses at Oaxaca's Día de los Muertos celebration.
Nov 5, 2015
Holiday participants paint their faces as skulls. (Photo via Flickr by Rob Sheridan)

How to celebrate Día de los Muertos in Seattle

Your guide to celebrating 2015 Día de los Muertos in Seattle and around the Northwest.
Oct 20, 2015

Foreign zombie flicks dish up a twisted buffet of awesome

Run for your life folks, zombies are everywhere. It’s Halloween night, and if you haven’t made your costume yet, take a cue from some chilling foreign zombie flicks and you’ll be the undead life of the party. The American zombie scene has been saturated with zombie flicks that just look, and bite, the same. Sure, classics […]
Oct 31, 2012