The author's daughter, Ditti, showing off her colors for Holi last year. (Photo by Padmaja Ganeshan-Singh)

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The best way to know how well you’ve celebrated Holi is to dress in white. If there’s not a trace left by the end of the day, you’ve proven you know how to celebrate!

Magdaleno Rose-Avila addresses the crowd at an immigration rally in Seattle in 2006. (Photo courtesy of Rose-Avila)

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With his tenure at the city's Office of Immigrant Refugee Affairs ending, Seattle activist Magdaleno Rose-Avila is back at his typewriter to carry on...

by Anna Goren and Claire Qin Li

[youtube] Art Oki, mastermind of Umai-Do Japanese sweet shop, brings the nostalgic taste of manju home for the holiday season. As many Americans re-visit the mainstream...

Father Abdulah Tafas (left), originally from Syria, is a priest with the Syriac Orthodox Church. Samir Abu Lail, originally from Jordan, is priest with the Melkite Catholic Church. Last Sunday both presided over services at Saint Joseph in North Seattle — a Melkite church where many Middle Eastern Christians gather. (Photo by Sara McCaslin)

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Saint Joseph church in Lake City mixes traditions to create a spiritual home for Christians from across the Middle East. I spent one of the...

Chera Amlag and Geo Quibuyen in the kitchen at Inay's during the Pop-Up restaurant. (Photo by Anna Goren)

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A Filipino-American Thanksgiving Pop-Up dinner last week was just one example of the countless cultural variations on the tradition of giving thanks.  This year my...