immigrant rights

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In the past six months alone, big things have started happening for the immigrant community is Seattle. President Obama announced a new deportation deferment policy for...

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Información rapida sobre tus derechos como persona no ciudadana.  Read in English   Unos meses atrás, caminando hacia mi coche a las 6 de la...

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A quick guide to your rights as a non-citizen living in the US.  Leer en Español A few months ago, I was walking to my...

Magdaleno Rose-Avila addresses the crowd at an immigration rally in Seattle in 2006. (Photo courtesy of Rose-Avila)

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With his tenure at the city's Office of Immigrant Refugee Affairs ending, Seattle activist Magdaleno Rose-Avila is back at his typewriter to carry on...

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With a big contract in the works, Tacoma detention center for immigrants sits half empty.