Mukesh Singh, convicted and sentenced to death for the 2012 gang rape of a woman in New Delhi, in a still from the BBC film "India's Daughter."

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A prison interview with Indian rapist Mukesh Singh has sparked controversy around the globe. Here's why I'm in no hurry to click the link.

Eco Kargha weaver Poonam Devi prepares bobbins of silk thread, January 2013.

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A silk weaver at his loom in Bhagalpur, January 2013. (Upaya courtesy photo) Extreme poverty is an unavoidable reality in India. The first time...

The author, Sweta Saraogi, practices yoga at a temple India. (Courtesy photo)

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What Americans are missing by only focusing on the physical aspects of yoga.

Nomadness travelers in Pushkar, India earlier this year. (Photo courtesy of Nomadness)

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Meet Evita Robinson, the woman behind the movement shattering the myth that people of color don’t travel.

Yoga instructor Sweta Saraogi shows one of her moves in the yoga studio she teaches out of in her condo in Seattle. (Photo by Ellen M. Banner / The Seattle Times)

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"That’s the face of yoga: a thin, white, blonde American teacher who can do crazy pretzel moves and pass for a super model.”