Demonstration for Gaza in Coimbatore, India. (Photo by Welfare Party via Flickr)

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As a Palestinian living in the U.S., and as a human watching yet another massacre occur within miles of my place of birth, I can’t help but feel paralyzed, powerless and most frustratingly, helpless.

Buying bread in Gaza. (Photo by Karin Huster)

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In 2013 I traveled to Gaza to work at Al Shifa, the main hospital. Nothing prepared me for what I experienced crossing the border into Gaza, and then spending time there.

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Poster for The Other Side film by Lorraine Levy Babies accidentally switched at birth. From Mark Twain to the ABC Family Monday night lineup, it's a...

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Israeli dissident Miko Peled is in Seattle on a book tour this week. Israeli peace activist Miko Peled is in Seattle this week to...

East Africa volunteer

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The author interviews Rwandan women about the impacts of a volunteer implemented bee keeping project. (Photo by Bryan Kopp) Every year, more young westerners...