Tuareg people spread across five nations in the central Sahara have long sought independence. But last January rebels in Northen Mali began a movement for succession. (Photo via magharebia.com)

What the heck is happening in Mali? (and why you should care)

Until a couple weeks ago, you probably didn’t think much about Mali, the large, former French colony that spans North and West Africa. I know I didn’t. But then we started hearing about French troops invading northern Mali, and militants kidnapping foreign workers in Algeria and that this all somehow connected to the fall of […]
Jan 24, 2013
A Libyan rebel fighter in Las Ranuf last March, in the early stages of the revolution. (Photo: Sebastian Meyer)

The Northwest’s revolutionary Libyans determined to rebuild homeland

Have you ever met a real-life revolutionary freedom fighter – someone who took up arms to overthrow a dictatorial regime? It’s not every day you meet someone who not only talks that talk, but walks that walk. But Libyans who have done just that live here in the Northwest. Last year five Seattleites from Libya […]
Mar 5, 2012