Liz's Brother @ Greenlake

It was all an excuse to report on the airport

When I was a kid, I thought that Los Angeles was on another planet (which my mom found so funny she didn’t really clarify until much later). The tiny train at SeaTac that took you to the airplane that would take you into space and eventually land you in Magical Los Angeles, land of Disneyland […]
Jan 19, 2012

Minority representation still a challenge in hyper-diverse 9th district

When Washington’s congressional districts were redrawn last January, the State Redistricting Commission made a bold move: They split the city of Seattle between two districts in order to create the state’s first ever “majority-minority” district. The 9th Congressional District was shifted northward, leaving behind the Fort Lewis area and rural Pierce County to take in […]
Oct 28, 2012

Burmese reforms haven’t stemmed flow of refugees to Washington

President Obama is on his way to Burma (aka Myanmar) on Monday for a six hour visit that will be the first by any sitting US president in history. According to Reuters, in advance of the visit the Burmese government plans to release some 452 prisoners, some of them political prisoners who will be granted […]
Nov 17, 2012

As their homeland falls apart, local Syrians step in to help

The first thing I see when I walk up to the warehouse in a Bothell suburb, is a green, white and black striped Syrian flag with the word “Freedom” written across the bottom. “Would you like a tea?” Ayman Hakim asks as I negotiate a large box of children’s shoes sitting on the cement floor, […]
Dec 7, 2012

From Iraq to Sea-Tac, refugee adjusts to new life in the Northwest

Iraqi refugee Muthanna Al Nidawi has gone from protecting his family from assassins in Baghdad, to protecting fragile glass art at in Seattle.
Apr 12, 2013

Welcome sours for Syrian refugees

With their houses in ruins and former villages now ghost towns, more than 1.5 million Syrians have fled their homeland. Lebanon and other neighboring countries have opened their doors to these refugees, but violence and strife have followed them from Syria.
May 30, 2013

6 farmers market alternatives for a diverse Seattle

Seattle has a farmers market scene that would make any green citizen proud. So why are there only white people there?
Jun 18, 2013
Abraham Tesfelaise, with his painting "Seattle" at the Downtown YMCA. (Photo by Coleen McDevitt)

Here to escape war, award-winning artist works to smile

For Eritrean refugee Abraham Tesfelaise the two things most teenagers dread, high school and going to the dentist, are the stuff of dreams. 
Jun 21, 2013
Nelly Kinsella shows off the website of the Washington health insurance exchange before it's launch on October 1st. (Photo by Elaine Thompson/Associated Press)

Immigrant service providers frustrated with Healthplanfinder site

Local organizations like Sea Mar and Global to Local are hoping to seize on a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to get immigrants and refugees insured.
Dec 17, 2013

Photos: Kent youth ring in new year, Karen style

For the Burmese community in Kent, the Karen New Year is a chance to show off traditions that have long been repressed back in Myanmar.
Jan 12, 2014

Northwest parents fostering a refuge from global conflict

Taking in a teenager from a conflict zone halfway around the world might not be for everyone. But some globally-oriented Northwest families are opening their minds, and homes, to a different kind of foster care.
Jan 17, 2014
An ash covered Mundarichild celebrates the first South Sudan Independence Day in 2011. (Photo by Giovanni Turco / Freedom House DC)

We, the children of war in South Sudan, reject this war

I come from a place with a long memory of war.
Jan 21, 2014
More than 500 Muslim Americans gathered in the state capitol in Monday to send a clear message to the Legislature: protect low-income housing, pass the DREAM Act and vote against invasive drone surveillance. (Photo by Atia Musazay)

Muslim Americans flex muscle in Olympia, press for minority rights

Hundreds of Muslims from around Washington gathered at the state capitol Monday with clear messages for their legislators.

Torture survivors thrive on a new kind of treatment in Seattle

A new program bridges the gap between different refugee service providers helping victims of torture in the Northwest.
Mar 10, 2014

Life after Syria

Since the Syrian Uprising began three years ago, 6.5 million Syrians have been internally displaced and another 2.5 million have registered or are waiting to register for refugee status abroad.
Mar 15, 2014
Immigrants and refugees gather on the steps of the State Capitol in February to lobby for education and other services. (Photo by Celina Kareiva)

How state budget cuts have hurt immigrants and refugees

Director of the Refugee Women's Alliance weighs in on how years of belt tightening has impacted her clients.
Mar 13, 2014
Dancers in traditional costumes at a New Year's parade in Laos. (Photo by Darren Donahue)

Seattle’s Lao refugees reconnect with their homeland

Most Americans born after the Vietnam War know little about the country of Laos, much less about the U.S.’s contentious role in its history. But in Seattle, host to one of the largest Lao communities in the United States, Laotian culture and history are a vital part of our city. Pom Khampradith, Director of the […]
Mar 26, 2014
Walid Alkheyat, of the new Iraqi Community of Washington State leads a group of children, women and men to Seattle City Hall during a protest in June asking for US intervention in Iraq. (Photo by Alisa Reznick)

Iraqis in Washington reject sectarian divisions

Iraqi refugees in the Northwest are quick to downplay the sectarian divisions that are causing fault lines in their home country.
Jul 14, 2014
Seattle's new Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs Director Cuc Vu (center) flanked by Mayor Ed Murray and outgoing Interim Director Aaliyah Gupta. (Photo by Kamna Shastri)

New boss for city’s Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs

Tuesday morning, Seattle Mayor Edward Murray introduced Cuc Vu as the new acting director of the Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs (OIRA). Vu will be taking the place of Interim Director Aaliyah Gupta.
Jul 16, 2014

For immigrants and refugees, Project Feast makes food, work

An innovative program in Tukwila is honing the culinary skills of new immigrants and helping them shine in American kitchens.
Sep 16, 2014