South Africa

Magdaleno Rose-Avila addresses the crowd at an immigration rally in Seattle in 2006. (Photo courtesy of Rose-Avila)

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With his tenure at the city's Office of Immigrant Refugee Affairs ending, Seattle activist Magdaleno Rose-Avila is back at his typewriter to carry on...

Delaney Ruston, in the field. (Photo courtesy Hidden Pictures)

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[vimeo 62269180 w=560 h=315] "Hidden Pictures" follows people diagnosed with mental illnesses on four continents to reveal how a shift in attitudes might improve care. When...

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Study abroad is a defining experience for many high school and college students. But often the students who have access to those programs are...

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What's more incredible than visual, activist art about black lesbian life in South Africa? Only that the artist, Zanele Muholi, is in Seattle this...

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Of the 460-odd films from 64 different countries playing at SIFF this year, only a thin slice hail from Africa. To be fair to the...