Celia Payen checks on her freshly sprouted radishes, flanked by tulips on her left and a cardoon plant on her right. (Photo by Irina Vodonos)

What’s in your P-Patch? Global flavors sprout for spring

Slowly, reluctantly, in spurts, spring is coming to Seattle, and P-Patch gardens all over the area are waking up from winter slumber. Each week, a few more gardeners brave the rain to check in on their plots, and when the sun makes an appearance, they turn out in full force to till, fertilize, sow seeds, […]
Apr 30, 2014
Abraham Tesfelaise, with his painting "Seattle" at the Downtown YMCA. (Photo by Coleen McDevitt)

Here to escape war, award-winning artist works to smile

For Eritrean refugee Abraham Tesfelaise the two things most teenagers dread, high school and going to the dentist, are the stuff of dreams. 
Jun 21, 2013

Chinese b-ballers school West Seattle girls on and off the court

It’s Saturday night high school basketball in West Seattle. There are sneakers squeaking on the court and dutiful families chatting in the bleachers. Suddenly the crowd stands and turns towards a red flag hung beside the hoop as the band strikes up a brassy version of the national anthem…of the People’s Republic of China. This […]
Jan 18, 2013