West Seattle

Celia Payen checks on her freshly sprouted radishes, flanked by tulips on her left and a cardoon plant on her right. (Photo by Irina Vodonos)

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Slowly, reluctantly, in spurts, spring is coming to Seattle, and P-Patch gardens all over the area are waking up from winter slumber. Each week, a...

Abraham Tesfelaise, with his painting "Seattle" at the Downtown YMCA. (Photo by Coleen McDevitt)

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For Eritrean refugee Abraham Tesfelaise the two things most teenagers dread, high school and going to the dentist, are the stuff of dreams.  The gleaming spires...

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It’s Saturday night high school basketball in West Seattle. There are sneakers squeaking on the court and dutiful families chatting in the bleachers. Suddenly the crowd...