Secret Seattle blogger uncovers Europe’s weirdest music videos

TurntablerockerAbout a month ago an anonymous Seattle blogger called Videofedhead started a remarkable but unadorned collection of the wildest and weirdest international music videos I’d ever laid eyes on.

Most of them are European, with a few notable Israeli, Korean, Japanese and American exceptions. Some are pretty porny (I’m still blushing from that Giant Panda’s strip club antics) but I’ll let you discover those for yourself.

Below you’ll find the my top five picks from the continent: from grocery store clones to monkey wrenching snowmen, trust me, you won’t find these in your facebook feed.

Oh, and secret blogger man (yes, I’m pretty sure he’s a dude): I’m putting in a request for more videos from other parts of the world – I know South Asia and Eastern Europe must be turning out some contenders.

Twin Twin – By My Side

This French homage to kraftwerk boasts three 90s retro hipsters (one that’s a dead ringer for Weird Al Yankovic), flying meat bats, Reebok Pumps AND a three-headed Cruela D’ville.

Manos de Topo – Es Feo

Spanish Conor Oberst‘s tragic take on a Rube Goldberg machine in a bathroom (complete with bidet!)

Sébastien Tellier – Look

Looks like a Guido Crepax novel, sounds like a Sophia Coppola movie (she loves this guy apparently) and features diamond farts (you’ll know what I mean in a second).

Modestep – Sunlight

This British-Dutch co-production takes the misbehaving senior-citizens music video trope to new, frantically dubstep-y, heights. I like it for the apocalyptic English seaside scenery…and the snake.

William Wahl – Lass es schneien

An angsty German snowman on a secret mission to free us all (extra points to anyone that can spot the self-eating chocolate bar and the racist transliteration on the electronics store)


Sarah Stuteville is a columnist for the Seattle Globalist and co-founder of the Common Language Project. She was born and raised in Seattle but started traveling when she was 17 and has since been to over two dozen countries.

Sarah Stuteville

Sarah Stuteville is a print and multimedia journalist. She’s a cofounder of The Seattle Globalist. Stuteville won the 2011 Sigma Delta Chi Award for magazine writing. She writes a weekly column on our region’s international connections that is shared by the Seattle Globalist and The Seattle Times and funded with a grant from Seattle International Foundation. Reach Sarah at
Sarah Stuteville

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  1. This post is blowing my mind!! Also-check this out:

    The Spanish Black Dice accompanied by wonderful bluescreening magic involving images from Little Women. Just one more way to love Katherine Hepburn.

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