Three videos you have to see: A $26,000 cocktail, airport holograms and PSY goes viral

Singapore mixes Asia’s most expensive drink 

The “Jewel of Pangea” is a $26,000 cocktail from a Singapore club and Asia’s most expensive drink.

When a club dangles a one-karat diamond as a “garnish” on a drink, you know they’re taking lavish excess to a whole new level.

And that’s just the tip of the decadent iceberg for this $26,000 cocktail made with Hennessy, champagne and edible gold flecks served by a gloved mixologist…from a steel suitcase.

It’s a very small comfort to know that somewhere in this world you can have your gold and drink it too.



Airports take a Star Wars-style twist on travel advice

We all thought it would be mechanical, lifeless robots that would replace human-powered jobs one day. Turns out creepy holograms also have a part to play.

In airports across the globe, translucent versions of real people are popping up with security tips and reminders for the traveler on the go. They can speak multiple languages, talk in a calming voice and don’t need bathroom breaks.

It’s to be determined how practical the holograms are and how much is just quirky novelty. According to the BBC, US Customs and Border Protection are also trying them out for border security positions.



South Korean rapper becomes YouTube famous within a month

For those of you out of touch with the “YouTubes” recently, South Korean rapper PSY came out of nowhere horse-galloping his way on to the Billboard 100.

PSY said recently in a press conference that the experience is so unreal and compared it to “The Truman Show.” The music video, “Gangham Style” (below), has over 290 million views and counting.

The rapper certainly does come dressed to impress with a mesmerizing amount of wardrobe and location changes in this video that takes you from “Whaaaaa?” to “Wooooooow” in 4 minutes.



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  1. OMG, We saw one of those holograms in the Azerbaijan airport! So creepy…and then so annoying when you have a 12 hour layover in the middle of the night and it just keeps saying the same thing over and over.

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