North Korea threatens, Internet laughs

(From this week gave you a rundown of North Korea’s actual social media presence. Now here’s a look at the memes, GIFs and parody accounts that have sprung up in response to Kim Jong Un’s nuclear threats.


  1. I was really hoping for an in depth look at how Americans have responded to North Koreas threats. Why do we laugh so much at an organized military force when we are terrified of random guerrilla forces in other nations with access to 1/10th of what North Korea has?

    Funny stuff though, it’s almost funny thinking about just how casual we are about North Koreas threats.

    1. Afraid…really? If our military was so afraid we wouldn’t be fighting them, we’d be looking for more of a diplomatic way to solve the issue. As for N.Korea, they not as much a threat as you have made up in your mind. Sure they have a huge troop count…but a lot less big boy toys. This isn’t the 1950’s, a few big bombs and they’ll be asking other countries
      to beg us to stop.

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