Zara brings international fashion to Seattle

Zara storefront in London, UK. (Photo by Aurelijus Valeiša via Flickr)
Zara storefront in London, UK. (Photo by Aurelijus Valeiša via Flickr)

First Macklemore sweeps the Grammys, then the Seahawks win the Super Bowl…now Seattle’s fashionistas have won their place alongside New Yorkers, Milanos, Angelinos and Parisians.

Seattle’s Westlake Center is home to the newest branch of Zara, the Spain-based international fashion retailer.

I first learned about Zara when I studied abroad in Vienna last spring–and I was thrilled to learn that it was coming to Seattle.

Now could be Seattle’s time to finally step away from our “grunge” reputation and become more relevant on the fashion scene.

Zara, known for its ultra-fast turnaround on  new fashions, is not new to the United States, though some bloggers have argued that Zara’s European sizing won’t work for an American market.

There are seven Zara stores just in Manhattan, and others sprinkled across the country, in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Chicago and others. Zara celebrated its Seattle opening at an invite-only preview event last week.

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