Seattle; where people don’t go hungry

Food bank volunteers are really doing a great job in Seattle. They work withoz“ut ego, loving each other and making sure no one is hungry. Most of them are non paid volunteers. They are so dedicated and make others happy.

Food banks provide hope in disasters. But around the country they are reporting critical shortages that have forced them to ration supplies usually reserved for disaster relief. In some instances they have had to close.

Food banks are nonprofit charitable organizations that collect, store and distribute free food to the needy.

Inside Ballard food bank. (Photo courtesy: Haritha Tilakarathne)


There are volunteers to do all the work in food banks and their funding depends largely on the government, and foundation grants. Individual donations are common.

The first food bank was started by a retired businessman, John Van Hengal, in 1967. His work inspired many people and they started food banks in different parts of the US.

Food banks change people’s lives. They embody the spirit of hope, improve the community, and make them better places to live.

We can’t started any food banks in my home state of Kerala, India, because we don’t have enough funds. It is an underdeveloped state. Many charitable organizations can only help fewer than 50 people. They can’t afford to serve more people.

Hunger is not just a problem in the US. Seattleites are so lucky to live in such a country like this. There are many organizations that work  to uplift the poor.

(Photo courtesy: Haritha Tilakarathne)

When we look to other countries we can see a lot of people struggling without food and proper shelter.The state authority doesn’t take any immediate actions against this problem.

We have a society with different people, culture, values, beliefs, and religions.

Help others to live, and make them happy. There is a lot of things to learn from US about how they help people to survive.


Let’s share our food with the needy and let them live in the world. It is very difficult to set up a nonprofit organization like a food bank in other countries.

I have decided to start a food bank in my state to help the needy. My plan is to make a meeting bringing all the organizations together and make a food bank in my state. I will use newspaper articles to inform the public and put this idea to their mind. I hope it will make them think of the needy and want to help them.

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  1. I hope you can make your dream come true and start a food bank. It doesn’t seem right that people are going hungry when some have so much. Well written article!

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