New Kore Ionz video takes viewers on a ‘Starship’

Seattle-based reggae group Kore Ionz’ new video “Starship,” gives us the sights and sounds of sweet Hawaiian summer to lighten our gray Seattle winter. One of the band’s hits off of their “Feels Good” EP released last spring, the video, which went live just moments ago, is already getting some national limelight.

According to Daniel Pak, the group’s lead vocalist and music director, he wrote this song specifically for his kids.

“As human beings, we exist in place for a certain amount of time until we exhaust the resources there and then we have to move,” Pak said. “There will be a day, maybe my kids will see it, and maybe we’ll see it, too, when we’ll possibly have to move to another planet for resources. That’s the crazy idea behind the song.”

Kore Ionz combines sounds from Pak’s home state, Hawaii, with other world influences from band members from Seattle and Tokyo. The group came together in 2008 after meeting through teaching music in Seattle. (Pak now heads the youth music program, Totem Star). Since then, the tight-knit group’s bond has only gotten stronger, said Pak.

“Pretty much our band is our family.”

At the end of the video, people leave Earth on a starship.

“If that day comes when we all blast in a starship together, we hope to be on a starship with you,” Pak said.

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