Polish Pierogi Fest set to stuff Seattle stomachs this Saturday

Pierogis — Eastern European style boiled dumplings filled with anything your heart desired. (Photo from Flickr by Joey Lax-Salinas)
Pierogis — Eastern European style boiled dumplings filled with anything your heart desired. (Photo from Flickr by Joey Lax-Salinas)

On May 16 The Polish Home Association will host the 10th annual Seattle Pierogi Fest at their location in Capitol Hill. The event is a local favorite, and if you’ve never been before you should definitely check it out. If you have been before, you’ve probably had it on your calendar for months. It’s fun and festive and this year it’s extra special because they’re changing things up and adding new pricing options so you can eat even more.

Here are some reasons I’m checking it out with an empty tummy and a full heart:

Well, Pierogis are delicious, duh.

Pierogis are basically little boiled balls of heaven stuffed with potato filling, sauerkraut, ground meat, and cheese. The pierogi fest is a chance to stuff your face without judgment alongside your friends, family, and kindly strangers.

Seattle actually has a pretty big Polish population, but Polish food isn’t easy to find, so strike while the iron’s hot.

If you google “Seattle pierogi” like I did when I was sitting on the verge of a hangry breakdown, you only get a handful of results. There’s the Polish Home Association’s Restaurant, Sebi’s Bistro, George’s Sausage & Delicatessen, and a few piroshky places like Piroshky, Piroshky and Piroshky on 3rd.

I have been given explicit instructions to not confuse pierogi and piroshky, as one is flaky like a pastry and one is doughy like a dumpling. Both are delicious, but one has a festival next weekend.

It’s affordable.

As a college student living from TV dinner to TV dinner, I’m always on the hunt for affordable, tasty food I don’t have to cook myself. The pierogi fest is a dream come true at $10 for 12 pierogi. If you’re bringing a child with you, or a less ambitious friend, you can opt for the child-size plate at $5 for six pierogi.

There’s also activities!

In addition to scrumptious snacks, there will also be Wyciniankiand and Palemki Art Demonstrations, choral performances, and Polish cultural workshops; there’s even a raffle with prizes and everything. It’s all kinds of family fun!

And alcohol…

If you’ve had your fill of pierogi you can always partake in the Polish beer and wine selections offered in the beer area. It is a party after all.

Perogi Fest is Saturday, May 16th from 11:30a.m. to 4p.m. More details here.

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