Transgender teen crowned Renton High School prom queen

Brooklyn Buenaventura, a teenanger who is transgender, was crowned Renton High School prom queen Saturday night, KING 5 news reported. Buenaventura was born Bruce Buenaventura —”like Bruce Jenner,” she told the television station. Jenner, the highest profile American Olympian of the 1980s, made national news in recent months when she came out as transgender and then revealed her adopted name, Caitlyn Jenner. Buenaventura’s friends and family offered words of support to the senior, who graduates from Renton High School this year. “I’m still scared but it’s about being brave, I want to tell other transgenders that it’s ok to be out, we’re not different,” Buenaventura said.

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  1. Respect for such a movement. This proves that the society is changing for good. Hoping to see such news from all over the world.

  2. I come from Bangladesh where we have recognized the third gender. Bangladesh as a developing country is moving forward in leaps and bounds with the third gender population, I am quite happy to say. It would be nice to find out America’s perspective on the third gender and what policies it has in place to support and fight intolerance against the third gender – that would really help me understand what more could be done in Bangladesh.

  3. It feels good to know that the society is becoming more liberal, more unprejudiced and moreover with examples such as this, one feels that equality among humans is really not a far-fetched idea.

  4. It’s really amazing. In our country, Bangladesh. Such movement has been uninitiated here too. We started to raise voices for the rights of transgender. They are now recognized here.

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