Top 5 things to do in Seattle this August

We’re getting into August, and there’s a load of culture to be had all over town. Arab and Caribbean Festivals, Capoeira and swing dancing, even a chance to meet the Ambassador of Singapore! Having just moved to the north end of Seattle, I’ve been surprised to see that the Central District isn’t the only diverse neighborhood around. On that note, this month’s calendar encompasses events from Port Townsend to Richmond Beach to Puyallup… Let’s delve right in:

1) Get down with Seattle’s Arab culture!

Seattle Arab Festival 2015
Seattle Arab Festival 2015

There are so many Arab Events locally,  from the (Sold Out!) Arab Center of Washington Picnic, learning about Muhammad – The Astonishing Story of the Prophet, and finally the Arab Festival at Seattle Center rounds out the month.

More about Arab Festival – Seattle Center Festal August 29, 11 am – 7 pm »

2) Your choice of Caribbean festivals!

Seattle Caribbean Fest
Seattle Caribbean Fest

Are you as excited as I am about the multitude of Seattle Caribbean Festivals? There are THREE! That’s one every week! Caribbean Summer Fest Seattle (in Puyallup), Caribbean Jerk Fest & the Seattle Caribbean Festival. Food, dancing, food… more food… dancing. You get the picture.

More about Caribbean Summer Fest Seattle 2015 August 9-10 »

More about Caribbean Jerk Fest 2015 August 15 at 10am – 6pm »

More about Seattle Caribbean Festival August 23 at 12-6 pm »

3) Try out capoeira on your lunch hour!

International Capoeira Angola Foundation
International Capoeira Angola Foundation

The Pop-Up On the Plaza events showcase music and dance, and you can join in!

More about Pop-Up On the Plaza: Eduardo Mendonça & International Capoeira Angola Foundation August 12 at 12-2:00 pm »

Bonus: If you like dancing along to cool events, you may enjoy: Swing, Sip, and Screen: DANCING IN JAFFA
August 15 at 6:30 – 9:30 pm »

4) Have breakfast with an ambassador!

Singapore Skyline
Singapore Skyline

Seattle’s a great place to meet important big-cheese-types, and this month you can have breakfast with His Excellency Ashok Mirpuri, Ambassador of Singapore.

More about Breakfast Briefing with His Excellency Ashok Mirpuri, Ambassador of Singapore to the U.S. August 24 at 8:00 am »

5) Around the world in 80… minutes?

“Around the World in Seattle” Film Premiere
“Around the World in Seattle” Film Premiere

Okay, the film’s actually a lot short than that — about 20 mins — but you get the idea. You’re invited to the premiere of “Around the World in Seattle”, a film which takes you on a whirlwind world tour through the eyes of Seattle’s diverse youth.

More about “Around the World in Seattle” Film Premiere, August 27 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm »


You’ll find more on the Seattle Globalist events calendar, including the Northwest Genealogy ConferenceChef Showcase 2015theater events and more! Have an event to share? Are we missing your neighborhood? It’s easy to submit your own Globalist event online. We’ll see you around town, as we share the best of the world, right here at home!

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