Criticism for Trump’s call to ban Muslims from entering U.S.

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  1. Islam is an ideology of intolerance. There are calls to murder Jews in Islam. There are calls to murder apostates. There are calls to murder anyone who draws a picture of Mohammed or is just critical.

    Islam is an ideology that doesn’t allow criticism. We can look around the world and we can see what Islam brings to nations. There isn’t a single liberal democracy in the world that has survived a Muslim majority.

    Look at the Pew Research opinion polls of Muslims around the world. Majorities support honor killings, Sharia Law, death for apostates, and death for anyone who is critical of their ideology.

    Why would you want people who are violently against freedom of speech from wntering your nation? Civilization is a very fragile thing. The fabric of civilization can be torn easily. Right now we see Nigeria, Sudan, Kenya, and Ethiopia struggling to not become another Somalia as Muslims push in from the north and destabilize their nations.

    You would have to be pretty arrogent to think you are better than people in Kenya, Nigeria, and Sudan. We aren’t better. We just don’t have as many radical Muslims pushing their ideology of hate on us.

    Ideas matter folks. Its time we secured our border to all hate groups including Islam. At least until Islam reforms. If Islam removed all the calls to murder Jews, Christians, apostates, and those to are critical of Islam then sure, let them. Its the ideology not the people that is the problem.

  2. I am sorry to say that Mr. Trump, with all due respect, is truly just what one commentator stated, “A circus barker”. I will be both frightened and embarrassed if he is elected to lead this country. But, at the same time, I am not entirely surprised at his rhetoric which is tolerated precisely because he DOES REPRESENT a large group of people who wish to deny that they too are in this country ONLY BECAUSE OF IMMIGRANT ANCESTRY. This continent was just fine without any of us, but now that we are here, let us see if we can make this “boat” we are in together float instead of sinking lower and lower into ignorance and bigotry, violence and rage, and/or almost all of the negative sides human nature holds the potential for expressing. The basic question may be whether a democracy gradually and eventually slides down a siippery slope to its LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR, or whether it can be a vehicle for enrichment and flowering of brilliance and tolerance of ALL regardless of gender, gender preference, age, race, ethnicity, etc. Can we learn to share, or is that something only kindergarteners are expected to do?

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