8 surprising secrets about wearing hijab

Hijabis cross the street during Car Free Day in Bandung, Indonesia. (Photo from Flickr by Ikhlasul Amal)
Hijabis cross the street during Car Free Day in Bandung, Indonesia. (Photo from Flickr by Ikhlasul Amal)

It’s World Hijab Day so it’s a great opportunity to take a lighthearted look at some daily struggles and benefits that come with wearing a headscarf.

If you decide to try wearing hijab for a day to celebrate this beautiful annual event, maybe you’ll experience some of these yourself!

Pick out the hijab first

Seriously. You wake up, you go to your wardrobe, and you pick out a dress after what seems like five minutes but actually is an hour. It’s really cute and you decide to wear that dress on for the day. But you put it on and BAM — you realize don’t have any hijabs that go with it!

In short, we hijabis have learned the hard way to pick out the hijab first, then build from there.

We love it when people compliment our hijab

Everybody loves a compliment. And hearing praise for a beautiful hijab can make our day and brighten up our mood like anything.

Don’t hold back on the flattery.

When a guy walks in and we’re not wearing our hijab

Chances are that anyone who wears hijab as had these manic episodes at least a few times. All is going well until the door opens without warning and you run away shouting. The poor guy who has no idea what’s going on just watches with his mouth wide open wondering what the hell happened.

Katya Yefimova’s short film “Hijabi” explores the experience of one woman’s experience growing up in Seattle wearing a headscarf and pursuing a career in fashion.

Matching our makeup to hour hijab

Remember that cute eyeshade you saw in the Vogue magazine? That will go really well with this hijab!

There is a whole range of makeup items that you can match with your hijab. It just gives you another accessory to work with.

Quick fix for bad hair days

Let’s face it ladies, we don’t wake up looking like Disney princesses. First thing in the morning our hair is a often huge tangled a mess. Hijab to the rescue. Ta daa! Problem solved.

We mark our territory with hijab pins

Follow a hijab wearer around for a while and you’ll probably find that she leaves a trail of pins wherever she goes. It’s a sign that she was here. If there are a lot of pins in an area hijabis probably OWN that area.

Pins used to secure hijab. (Photo from Flickr by Yasmeen)
Pins used to secure hijab. (Photo from Flickr by Yasmeen)

We can spend hours watching hijab tutorials

Sometimes hours pass and you don’t realize until you hear your mom shouting and snapping from the kitchen. Only then you decide to get up and finish your hijab tutorial binge-watch session. It’s not uncommon to have many such sessions during the week to learn unique new ways of donning your hijab.

We’ve gone through entire lectures with headphones in our ears

I’m not proud of it but sometimes I just can’t listen to another boring lecture. Hijab is the perfect cover to put on some music and drift away to your special place.

So there you go, eight things that you probably didn’t know about wearing hijab. Buck up hijabis, enjoy, keep it classy and leave a little sparkle everywhere you go!

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  1. Hijab is not a fashion statement, and Islam is far from a religion of peace. White liberals are perhaps the most brainwashed people on the planet. Hijab is impression. Islam is a religion of bitter hatred. If Islam is such a beautiful religion/culture please liberals go spend one year living as a local in an Islamic nation. ISIS are not extremists. ISIS is taking the religion back to it’s roots and purity.

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