Muslim American engineer, others respond to aerospace exec’s anti-mosque campaign

The public connection between Electroimpact president Peter Zieve and an anti-mosque campaign in Mukilteo has led to several public responses, including a call for a boycott of his aerospace company’s services.

Earlier this week, The Herald of Everett connected Zieve to an anonymous mailing about a mosque project proposed by the Islamic Center of Mukilteo. Zieve has been open to city officials in his opposition to the mosque and he defended his position to a Puget Sound Business Journal reporter by invoking the San Bernardino shooters.

Electroimpact develops machines used in the manufacturing of airplane parts and is a major supplier for Boeing, Airbus and other aerospace companies.

Everett resident Tariq Yusuf, a Google software engineer and sometime writer for the Globalist, invited Zieve to lunch or dinner to talk with him personally and learn more about local Muslims. Yusuf posted the open letter on his blog and pointed out that many local Muslims work in the same industry as Zieve.

“Specifically within the Everett and Mukilteo areas, a majority of the Muslims in the region work for the Aerospace industry, many of them for Boeing and Crane. One of our congregants at our mosque is one of the head stress test engineers for the 787 project.

“One of the main reasons why having a mosque or community center to gather at is it allows us to run our community programs like after-school tutoring, guest speakers, weekly worship services, and counseling for troubled couples or youth. Additionally, Muslims that are connected with a strong mosque community are in fact more likely to give back to their communities through volunteerism and philanthropy. This is something I have seen first-hand in all the mosques in the region and beyond.”

Rich Stolz, executive director of OneAmerica, called for Zieve to retract his statements and said Boeing and other companies should reconsider their business relationship with Electroimpact.

“Mr. Zieve’s letter to the people of Mukilteo is a sad and shameful example of rising anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant sentiment in our nation. His actions and sentiments stand as an attack on American values of compassion and freedom of religion, and they contribute to an atmosphere in which many Muslim-Americans feel unsafe in their own communities.

“Mr. Zieve should retract his comments and issue an apology to the Muslim community, including Muslims who may work at his own company, at Boeing and who contribute every day to our communities and nation. Boeing and other companies who are supplied by Electroimpact should consider how such a relationship reflects on their own corporate values.”

And the Islamic Center of Mukilteo also called for Boeing to consider its relationship with Electroimpact, saying Boeing’s own employees would be in danger from anti-Muslim bias, according to the Herald of Everett.

Correction: this post has been updated to clarify that Yusuf lives in Everett and works in Kirkland.


  1. I don’t agree with this man’s actions but I am sick of Seattle liberal hypocrisy which turns a blind eye to the anti-Semitism on the left but loses their shit over any perceived slight to their favored groups. The assault on Bernie Saunders and the ongoing mob harassment of Uncle Ike’s in the CD are two of many, many examples. Anti-Jewish racism does not get condoned by the left because most of it is being committed by the left or their favored groups.

  2. The mosque has links to “educator” Ebrahim Desai who endorses sex slavery and intimate relations with pre-pubertal children. Anyone with a shred of decency would stand up against those teachings. The mosque needs to correct and apologize for the teachings it is promoting through links on its website.

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