Chicago immigrant claims U.S. retaliated over her activism

This story via Reuters Media Express has expired.

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  1. There is no Constitutional right to civil disobedience. She was arrested four times in a matter of two years. Getting arrested is not protected speech. She must have done something else that was illegal such as chain herself, block traffic or assault an officer, conveniently the article does not mention why she was arrested. If she had just said whatever she wants and attended protests she would be fine BUT she chose to get arrested. In any event here claim she was denied DACA because of her political views is crap, she was denied because she was arrested 4 times. She should and is going to have problems with this lawsuit. First DACA does not grant a legal status. This is POTUS’s whole claim that it is legal. According to him he is just exercising his discretion and setting deportation priorities. Since there are so many illegals here he says children are at the bottom of the list. Next she has no right to DACA, it is a discretionary benefit and immigration can choose to deny her based upon arrests, even when she is not convicted.

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