Andres Salomon drops out of Seattle mayor race

Andres Salomon talks with a supporter outside the UW Light Rail Station Wednesday after announcing that he's running for mayor. (Photo by Katie Anastas)
Andres Salomon talks with a supporter outside the UW Light Rail Station in February when he announced that his mayoral candidacy. (Photo by Katie Anastas)

Andres Salomon, a bicycle activist, announced Thursday that he has dropped out of Seattle’s mayoral race.

Salomon, who made his announcement in February, was one of the first challengers to Mayor Ed Murray, who will run for re-election. Murray said he will continue his run despite the emergence this month of accusations that he sexually assaulted a teenager in the 1980s. Murray denies the accusations.

Last month, lawyer and activist Nikkita Oliver announced her candidacy for mayor. Other challengers to Murray include Jason Roberts, Alex Tsimerman and Mary Martin.

This week, former mayor Mike McGinn, who Murray defeated in 2013, and Cary Moon, a prominent opponent of the Highway 99 tunnel, both announced bids for mayor.

Salomon, a software developer from Ecuador who has dual citizenship, referenced McGinn and Moon in a statement on his blog about his decision to withdraw from the race.

“Two exciting candidates have joined the race this week, all while Murray faces shocking allegations from three separate people. Rather than split the vote with others who share my values, I feel that it’s now time for me to bow out of the race.”

Correction: an earlier version of this article stated the incorrect day that Salomon announced the end of his campaign.

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