A Salsa night at Waid's back in 2008. (Photo via

Night out at Seattle’s ‘most dangerous’ club casts doubt on cops’ claims

What’s really going down at the beloved immigrant nightspot the SPD wants to shut down?
May 2, 2014
Kev (Ryan Higgins) reunited with fellow U.S. Marine Tom (Jonathan Crimeni) and his new robotic hand. (Photo courtesy Washington Ensemble Theatre)

Washington Ensemble Theatre rattles the cage with “Baghdad Zoo”

A new production of Rajiv Joseph’s acclaimed play about post-invasion Iraq sheds light on America’s changing attitudes toward military intervention abroad.
Sep 19, 2013

Couch Fest 2012: Global film couched In fun

Couch Fest 2012 is today! It’s a festival of short films screened in the houses of total strangers, in cities all around the world, including Seattle. The concept is simple: neighbors invite you in to watch shorts in their home, on their cozy couch. It sounds just like inviting your friends over to watch youtube, […]
Nov 10, 2012