In the last seven years, The Seattle Globalist has been a catalyst for community conversations about politics, immigration, diversity, education and other issues centered around diverse POC and immigrant communities. We’ve helped over 100 emerging journalists and storytellers through our education programming strengthen their voices.

We’ve published nearly 1,000 contributors, of whom 65% are People of Color, 45% are immigrants or first generation Americans, and more than 70% identify as women.

By sharing stories from underrepresented communities, we are building the world we want to live in. By talking about issues that aren’t really talked about in media, we’re breaking down barriers used to keep us divided.

With the stories that we tell, we are fighting for our democracy. We are working to create a more equitable future for the next generation.

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This is a time of BIG conversations. From racial equity to gentrification, the refugee crisis to climate change—our world and our city are changing at breakneck speed. And those big conversations need to be met with BIG Voices. Voices representing new backgrounds and perspectives: voices that challenge and inspire us.

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The Seattle Globalist is a federally-recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our Tax ID number is 20-5999325.

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