Generation Putin

Generation Putin LogoGeneration Putin is an hour-long radio special on young people and politics in the Former Soviet Union. The special was produced by the Seattle Globalist and PRX, the Public Radio Exchange, with the support of the Open Society Foundations.

Generation Putin producers Jessica Partnow and Sarah Stuteville in front of the Hermitage museum in St. Petersberg. (Photo by Alex Stonehill)

Winner, Audio Documentary, Online News Organizations, 2014 Edward R. Murrow Awards (National).
Winner, Audio Documentary, Online News Organizations, 2014 Edward R. Murrow Awards (National).

Brooke Gladstone is the host, and Martha Little is the editor. Jessica Partnow and Sarah Stuteville produced the special, with a lot of help from Alex Stonehill. The show was supported by WNYC, KUOW Puget Sound Public Radio, and the University of Washington.

Special Thanks:
Thanks to our interpreters: Arthur Bondar in Ukraine, Nino Chimadkaze in Georgia, Andrey Grishin in Kazakhstan, and Vassili Sonkine in Russia.

Megan CalberoMichelle Conerly and Sihanouk Mariona all helped us log over 100 hours of audio footage.

Sara Stogner kept the office running like a well-oiled machine.

Sabrina Roach is in charge of community engagement.

Morgan Dusatko helped us with the final sound mix.

Jenny Asarnow helped us record voicing.

Eli Finn-Hyman read the pen pal letter.

And John Barth made the journalist’s dream phone call when he invited us to pitch this project.

Many people helped us with the reporting: Katya YefimovaOksana YushkoYörük IşıkAnna in Sevastopol, Alexandra in Aktau, Rami Grunbaum in Seattle.

We use music in the show from: The XXKevin MacLeodYeah Yeah YeahsWu-Tang ClanTakezhanMorgan Dusatko, Tchaikovsky, ScorpionsTBASARay Charles, Basil Poledouris, The TempersLazer Kitty, and Pussy Riot.

And of course, huge thanks to everyone we interviewed.


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