Summer Camp Oaxaca – Teach Coding

This week-long volunteer service summer camp in Oaxaca, Mexico will have you teaching basic programming and building Spanish language skills, learning about the culture of Mexico, and connecting with local youth. Don’t feel like an expert-level programmer? Don’t feel like a fluent Spanish speaker? All you need are the basics in each to make an […]
Mar 1, 2018

The Voices of Children: A Documentary Screening and Dialogue on Children’s Rights

Children have the right to be heard. Through language, drawings, movement, and play, children strive to communicate their beliefs, understandings, and needs. But often children’s experiences are discounted, their contributions to society minimized, and their voices silenced. If we listen to children’s ideas and closely observe their actions, what can we learn of their views about […]
Nov 7, 2017

How a whiter Seattle creates more education inequities

Seattle has the fifth largest test score gap between black and white students. Education reform alone won't close that gap, says Wayne Au.
Jun 16, 2016
Why is there such a large gap in math achievement between white students and students of color? (Photo from flickr by U.S. Dept. of Education)

5 + 1 things teachers can do to close the math achievement gap

The math achievement gap between white and black students in Seattle schools is huge. Here are six ways to start solving the problem at the classroom level.
Mar 15, 2016