When Texas was Mexico: Who’s invading Whom?

Open House & Community Discussion #2 When Texas was Mexico: Who’s invading Whom? At the September Community Discussion, folks came together and examined the racist roots of closed borders, the history of stolen land and colonization, and more. The dire situation for immigrants continues. We’ll discuss recent raids and detentions in the Pacific Northwest and […]
Nov 11, 2019

Will Washington state sue Trump over his border wall emergency declaration?

More than a dozen states have filed suit challenging Trump's declaration of a national emergency that would enable him to redirect billions of dollars from military programs to his border wall.
Feb 25, 2019

New state proposal would still allow undocumented immigrant drivers

State lawmakers want to keep questions about citizenship optional for standard Washington driver's licenses and ID cards.
Jan 28, 2015
Border Patrol Agent Mike Burmudez at a command center along the Canadian border in Blaine, Washington. (Photo by Eroyn Franklin)

Judge rules gadgets are fair game in warrantless border searches

If you come with 100 miles of the Canadian border, the government can search your phone or laptop without cause.
Jan 1, 2014
Preschool teacher, Claire Tuchel (left) and Evergreen College student, Sierra Brown, on to the "Cascadia Freedom Caravan," bus headed to Arizona for a "Tear Down The Walls" gathering of activists this weekend. (Photo by Sarah Stuteville)

Cascadia activists head south to “tear down walls” on Arizona border

A group of Northwest activists are headed to the Mexican border on a nine-day bus trip, dubbed the “Cascadia Freedom Caravan.”
Nov 1, 2013

Mexicans wait in limbo after failed border crossings

The illegal border crossing from Mexico to the U.S. can be dangerous, expensive and terrifying for thousands of Mexicans walking across the Arizona desert each year. Facing possible sexual assault and death from dehydration, the most devastating turn comes when they are picked up by border patrol and sent back over the border. Rachel Alexander […]
Aug 27, 2012
Immigration and Customs

Is Washington the next Arizona? Report cites Canadian border abuses

Blaine, just south of Washington’s US-Canada border, evokes images of pastoral farmland back-dropped by mountains, Boundary Bay views and the idyllically named Peace Arch Park. The worst case scenario for most Seattleites headed to the area is a traffic jam on the way to Canada. But a newly released report, published by the immigrant advocacy […]
Apr 18, 2012