Somali Christians facing persecution hope for sanctuary in U.S.

Somali Christians in Kenya say their countrymen are persecuting them for their beliefs — even as options for refuge in the U.S. have been reduced.
May 11, 2017
Joseph Castleberry, president of Northwest University, in an interview with Spanish-language KNTS Radio Luz in Seattle (Courtesy photo by Chuck Olmstead)

Can religion bridge the divide over immigration policy?

Northwest University, a private Christian college in Kirkland, is hosting a symposium of immigration experts in hopes of finding common ground across political divides.
Feb 23, 2017

Passenger: Muslims protected Christians in Kenya bus attack

Gunmen with al Shabaab reportedly tried to force Muslim passengers to identify Christians in a Kenya bus attack, but the passengers refused to cooperate.
Dec 22, 2015
Pastor George Everett, at an Ebola Relief concert in 2014 (Photo courtesy Tino Tran)

Kent congregation raising money to build Ebola orphanage in Liberia

A local Liberian American congregation is raising money to build an orphanage for children left parentless because of Ebola.
Nov 27, 2015

Asian American Christians face tough choice between mom and God

When young Asian Americans Christians choose ministry over more lucrative career paths, even religious parents don't always approve.
Mar 30, 2015
Father Abdulah Tafas (left), originally from Syria, is a priest with the Syriac Orthodox Church. Samir Abu Lail, originally from Jordan, is priest with the Melkite Catholic Church. Last Sunday both presided over services at Saint Joseph in North Seattle — a Melkite church where many Middle Eastern Christians gather. (Photo by Sara McCaslin)

For Syrian Christians, a holiday spent praying for peace

Saint Joseph church in Lake City mixes traditions to create a spiritual home for Christians from across the Middle East.
Dec 26, 2013
Maria-Jose Soerens, a local organizer for the Evangelical Immigration Table. (Photo by Bettina Hansen/The Seattle Times)

What would Jesus do with a broken immigration system?

Evangelical leaders are drawing on scripture to muster conservative support for immigration reform.  
Mar 14, 2013
Eastern Orthodox church Issaquah

Serbian Orthodox Church celebrates Easter, sans bunnies.

In the early 90’s, ethnic conflict tore Yugoslovia apart along religious lines, driving thousands refugees in search of peace elsewhere. One of the largest groups to arrive in the the Seattle area were Orthodox Christians, most of them Serbian. When they got here, many of them found a home at St. Sava’s Serbian Orthodox church in […]
Apr 21, 2012