Free: Kamala Harris Dem Debate Watch Party (21+)

The Seattle #KHive invites you to come watch the November Democratic Debate with us as we cheer on Kamala Harris! Join us beginning at 5:00 p.m. on Wed, Nov 20, at the Bourbon Bar at Columbia City Theatre (4916 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, 98118). Take-out food welcome and available nearby! Doors open 5 p.m. Debate […]
Nov 18, 2019

At The Peoples Debate, we asked the people

We talked to people attending the Peoples Debate what questions they had on their minds as they consider their choices for Seattle mayor.
Oct 31, 2017

Family ties defy the Israeli-Palestinian divide in ‘The Other Son’

Babies accidentally switched at birth. From Mark Twain to the ABC Family Monday night lineup, it’s a familiar plot device – and a usually a pretty cheesy one. But French director Lorraine Levy successfully adopts this clichéd premise in her third feature film, The Other Son, which opens Friday at the Egyptian Theatre. Levy delivers a […]
Oct 25, 2012

What to watch for in the foreign policy debate (and where to watch it!)

Tonight’s debate on foreign policy promises to be a pretty big deal. The race is tied, and for undecided voters (who are these people anyways?!?) it will be their last chance to compare Obama and Romney side by side to figure out who is less unlikeable. For the other 96% of us it’s another opportunity […]
Oct 22, 2012