Feminism & the Left

A four-week discussion series Monday Nights June 10 – July 8, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm New Freeway Hall 5018 Rainier Ave S, Seattle WA 98118 Socialist feminist is at the center of discussion among revolutionaries, following the recent implosion of the International Socialist Organization over a cover-up of sexist abuse by their leadership. Many […]
May 29, 2019

A Love Letter to Myself

A Love Letter To Myself honors the journey of a woman’s quest for self-love, acceptance, and empowerment. This 90 min show is packed with laughs and intimate emotional connection with the audience from start to finish. Celebrate International Women’s Month with Women in Comedy! GET YOUR TICKETS RIGHT HERE: http://bit.ly/LoveLetterWIC Tickets will be sold online $10 […]
Mar 6, 2019

Rebel Reading Circle: The Fight Against Fascism in the U.S.A: Lesson’s From the 1930’s – 40’s

Delve into gripping first-person accounts by anti-fascist organizers from the Great Depression era. The rise of fascism in Europe has been well-documented, but the home-grown Nazi movement it inspired is rarely discussed. This booklet documents successful campaigns in New York, Minneapolis and Los Angeles to confront fascist organizations such as the German-American Bund and the […]
Feb 2, 2019

Heart-to-heart series: What is masculinity?

It is 2019. Should we continue to look at young men and boys, through a heteronormative lens? Does this solidify a binary concept: that men are emotionally repressed, testosterone-driven predators, and that women are emotionally available caregivers and often become the targets of men’s rage? How can we include men who fall outside this narrow […]
Jan 13, 2019

Conversations on Tech and Social Justice: Shoba Sriaiyer

Shoba Sriaiyer talks about how the organization Act Now Mantra creates in-person conversations to counter a world increasingly dominated by technology.
Feb 6, 2019

Act In The Public Heart: A Lawyer’s Journey

A ONE-WOMAN SHOW ACT IN THE PUBLIC HEART: A Lawyer’s Journey A personal and collective quest for justice is back at The Jewelbox Theater Seattle, WA: Franca Baroni’s one-woman show is coming back to The Jewelbox Theater on October 19 and November 3, 2018 after a sold-out premiere last December and acclaimed shows in the […]
Oct 19, 2018

Women’s Day at Seattle Boat Show spotlights women on deck

Seattle Boat Show offers free admission for women on Jan. 29 as part of its Women's Day, which promotes women in boating.
Jan 26, 2018

Muslim women have plenty to say, no permission required

Young women who wear the hijab speak out against stereotypes.
May 25, 2017

Against bystanding violence

Doing nothing  —  standing by  —  is its own violence.
Sep 26, 2016

#ShoutYourAbortion anniversary event shows strengths of emerging movement

One year after the start of the social media hashtag, #ShoutYourAbortion is developing into an inclusive women's health and women's rights movement.
Sep 15, 2016

How American women can take back International Women’s Day

It may not get much attention in the U.S., but International Women's Day means a lot for these. visitors from Indonesia, China and Puerto Rico.
Mar 7, 2016

‘The Unicorn Files’ busts the myth that girl geeks don’t exist

'The Unicorn Files' fights the sexist notion that girls can't be geeks with a Tumblr blog and a Kickstarter campaign for a book featuring women in geekdom.
Jun 18, 2015
Sudeshna Sen looks at photos she has taken in the Arboretum in Seattle, Wash. for site development on a future video project. (Photo by Rayna Stackhouse)

Sudeshna Sen explores feminist themes in crime-based short

Seattle filmmaker Sudeshna Sen reflects on her feminist influences, as her first short "Julia's Farm" gets released.
May 5, 2015
Gender roles in pre-war Syria were much more progressive than under ISIS control, with women moving freely and holding high positions in the Assad Regime. But the constitution still included many misogynist clauses. (Photo by Alex Stonehill)

ISIS brutality toward women a shocking symptom of a larger disease

A video of ISIS stoning a woman to death last month shocked the world. Having grown up in the region, I wasn't that surprised to see it.
Nov 18, 2014
Girls at an orphanage outside of Nakuru, Kenya, celebrate the arrival of their menstrual kits made by the Days for Girls Ocala Florida Chapter. (Photo courtesy Days for Girls)

Simple feminine-hygiene kits empower girls

Days for Girls International provides feminine-hygiene kits for girls in parts of the world without access to commercial products.
May 9, 2014

South Asian take on Vagina Monologues challenges sexual taboos

In a year marked by a political “War on Women” and a spate of sexual violence in India, it’s time for an open dialogue that challenges cultural taboos about sex.
May 8, 2013

Women (not zombies) take over SAM: Elles exhibit pairs spectacular art with cynical marketing

Oh my god! Run! Women are taking over the Seattle Art Museum! SAM is currently running two related exhibitions devoted to female artists from around the globe. The first Elles: Women Artists from the Centre Pompidou, Paris is a selection of the 200 works that were exhibited at Centre Pompidou in France since 2009. This […]
Oct 23, 2012

Scotland wants a breakup, misogynist schooled on sexism, cats turned copters

Scotland launches breakup campaign after 300-year relationship with England There’s nothing worse than ending a long-term relationship. You have to tell your friends and family and decide who’s going to keep that TV you went halfsies on. But that’s just what the Scottish National Party wants after successfully initiating a referendum for Scottish Independence. However, […]
Oct 18, 2012

This International Women’s Day, Americans should take a look in the mirror.

I once spent a March 8th in Mexico and was surprised to find the streets filled with parades and vendors selling giant teddy bears in celebration of International Women’s Day. Random people greeted me with a cheerful “Feliz dia de la mujer.” International Women’s Day isn’t such a big deal here in the US, and […]
Mar 8, 2012