Another World is Possible! WTO+20 and the Justice Movements of Today

Please register so we know how much food to order! Today in Seattle, and around the world, social movements are taking to the streets, striking, locking down, and engaging in multiple forms of direct action. These tactics build collective power to transform the intersecting crises of our times into opportunities for equity, healing, and sustainability. […]
Nov 8, 2019

Nurturing the Environment and Food Access

Join us at Camp Long to talk about race in the context of Nurturing the Environment and Food Access. This outdoor workshop will create space for community members to engage in courageous conversations that rely on sustaining vulnerability rather than instant resolution. This event will explore how our food systems are connected to racial injustice, […]
May 16, 2018

Free Movie “THE ECONOMICS OF HAPPINESS” presented by Mt. Baker Meaningful Movies

  Release Year: 2012 Running Time: 1 hr 8 min Director: Helena Norberg-Hodge, Steven Gorelick, John Page “Lonely people have never been happy people. And globalization is creating a very lonely planet.” So says activist and author Vandana Shiva in The Economics of Happiness. The Economics of Happiness,  is an incisive documentary that links today’s global crises (climate change, terrorism, the […]
Oct 15, 2017
Hoa My Nguyen. (Photo by The Seattle Globalist)

“Who grows their own plants anymore? Who’s able to make bread at home?”

My Nguyen reflects on the disconnect in values when it comes to how we interact with our elders, and how that impacts environmental justice.
Mar 23, 2016
Lexi Brewer (Photo by The Seattle Globalist)

“Everyone should have the opportunity to grow up healthy.”

"Everyone should have the opportunity to grow up healthy."
Abdikani Mohammed. (Photo by The Seattle Globalist)

“I want my community to have more grocery stores”

"I want my community to have more grocery stores"
Mar 12, 2016

Food: A matter of Justice

Food justice in Focus at the Seattle Social justice film festival October 16-17.
Sep 30, 2015