Report: H-Mart in downtown Seattle makes progress

The downtown Seattle location of H-Mart, first announced in 2013, continues to make progress, according to the Eater Seattle website.
Feb 5, 2016
Viet Wah Superfoods on MLK was mostly quiet a few days after it was closed for good last week. (Photo by Goorish Wibneh)

Viet Wah Supermarket on MLK closed due to rent hike

Duc T. Tran, owner of the chain of Viet Wah supermarkets says a looming 20% increase in rent forced him to close the Rainier Valley location.
Aug 18, 2015

Changes to WIC program pose challenges for Somali grocers

At SeaTac Produce in Tukwila, Amira Abdulle cheerily greets customers along with her sons, who help to warm sambusas sold in the front case at the register. After shadowing her mother, Sahra, at the Tabarak minimart for nearly 10 years, Abdulle jumped at the opportunity to lease the space next door when a former casino became […]
Mar 27, 2015
Founded in 1986, Equal Exchange it is the oldest and largest Fair Trade coffee company in the U.S. The company's highest paid employee may not make more than four times what the lowest paid employee does. (Photo by Anna Goren)

Confusion on aisle four: Making sense of fair trade food labeling

In a confusing world of food marketing where ‘gluten-free’ is mistaken as a panacea for health and ‘free-range’ might mean that a chicken stepped outside of it’s cage into a patch of grass for ten minutes, we have every right to believe that we’re misinformed about what we eat. It’s hard enough out there for a well-meaning […]
May 9, 2014
Lennu Luzzi and his band serenade John Croce (left) with familiar Italian songs during his 90th birthday celebration in the store. (Photo by Anna Goren)

The SoDo grocery store where shopping is a passion, not a chore

Big John's Pacific Food Importer's deals in olives, cheese and love. They also know how to throw a good party.
Feb 11, 2014