The dilemma of rebuilding Puerto Rico or paying the debt

Puerto Rico already owed billions of dollars before the recent storms. Will its creditors pursue their claims after the Hurricane Maria catastrophe?
Oct 17, 2017

Seattle Puerto Ricans ignite grassroots hurricane relief

The Puerto Rican community in Seattle says it is committed to the island's long-term recovery, as well as its immediate relief from the recent hurricanes.
Oct 12, 2017

Seattle’s Caribbean communities send aid to storm-damaged homelands

Seattleites reach out to friends and family in Puerto Rico, Sint Maarten, Dominica and other islands, as the Caribbean rebuilds from devastating storms.
Oct 3, 2017

Isolated Puerto Rico communities ration food after Hurricane Maria

Communities in at least nine neighborhoods in Utuado started rationing food and water, after Hurricane Maria blocked roads and destroyed local crops.
Oct 2, 2017