Seattle webseries aims for depth in transgender storylines

Seattle-based transgender activist, producer, and artist Aneesh Sheth, launched a Kickstarter and filmed a pilot of original webseries "CRAVE."
Jun 24, 2015

‘The Unicorn Files’ busts the myth that girl geeks don’t exist

'The Unicorn Files' fights the sexist notion that girls can't be geeks with a Tumblr blog and a Kickstarter campaign for a book featuring women in geekdom.
Jun 18, 2015

Globalist launches series about youth caught in Middle East conflict

The Seattle Globalist is launching a new reporting series about young Syrians living on the borders of war in their region. More than nine million Syrians have been forced from their homes since the conflict broke out in 2011. Two and a half million of them have fled to Jordan and other neighboring countries. And […]
Jun 30, 2014

Slum Rising explores innovations in tomorrow’s megacities

One sixth of the world’s population lives in slums, but there’s a lot more going on there than poverty. You can support Slum Rising, a new series by The Seattle Globalist uncovering what’s really going on in the world’s slums, today on Kickstarter. 
Feb 13, 2013
Peace Somalia Seattle

Filmmakers go in search of peace with Seattle Somali community

Washington State is home to more than 40,000 refugees from civil war and political violence in Somalia. But this population is more complex than the occasional news story about Somalia would imply. That belief is at the heart of “In Search of Nabad,” a feature-length documentary film about the Somali community in Seattle, produced by Set […]
Apr 2, 2012