American Housing and Economics

As part of DNDA’s 8-event Let’s Talk Race Series, American Housing and Economics is a half-day workshop looking at the history of American’s economic structure based in imperialism, exploitation, and extraction—and how racism was used as a reason and motivation for such structure. We will then look at how this structure continues today in our […]
Apr 26, 2018

With paper money in short supply, Zimbabwe churches accept debit cards

Churches are starting to incorporate swipe machines and plastic money into their collections from congregants to encourage regular giving.
Feb 21, 2018
Seattle resident Hawo Abdi Farah, a Somali, is worried about possible bank-transfer restrictions that would affect her ability to wire money to relatives in Somalia. (Photo by Greg Gilbert / The Seattle Times)

Bank restrictions threaten Somalia’s remittance lifeline

Immigrants in the Northwest send millions of dollars to relatives Somalia every year. But international banks backpedalling from anti-terrorism laws could cut off the flow.
Sep 13, 2013